Commissions & Residencies

2019 Community Engaged Arts Commissions & Residencies

Downtown Art is pleased to announce our 2019 Community Engaged Art Commissions & Residencies open to NYC based artists and project teams. Our purpose is to support artists with a practice of civic engagement addressing social justice issues.

Artists may request:
A) Commissions: $1000 commissioning fee for a community-based project in any discipline or
B) Commissions + Theater Residency: $500 commissioning fee plus 10 day residency in the Downtown Art theater for rehearsal and performance

APPLICATION DEADLINE: TUESDAY, January 22, 2019, midnight.
Details and application form LINK

2019 Youth | Arts | Social Justice Workshop Commissions

Downtown Art is pleased to announce our Youth | Arts | Social Justice commission and residency program available to NYC based artists and project teams.

Artists may apply for either
1) Commission of $1000 in support of a youth project or
2) Commission of $1000 plus residency: Residency time available Saturday during the day, max. 3 hour time slot, for 8 weeks (Feb 23 – April 13) in Downtown Art’s theater.

Application Deadline: WEDNESDAY, Feb 21, 2019, midnight
Details and application form LINK

2018  Artist Commissions and Residencies

Bond Street Theatre – NYC premiere with youth artists of ‘The Law of the Jungle’, originally created by Bond Street Theatre and the Nangarhar Theatre of Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Queremos Teatro -a community theater program led by ICE Free Queens (IFQ) in collaboration with Immigrant Movement International Corona (IMI Corona); project team Milton X. Trujillo, Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, Carolina Varela, Adriene Lara, Wade Ekstrom

Atlantic Pacific Theatre – creates social practice theatre experiences towards cultural equity for and with the Asian Pacific Islander diaspora community and beyond.  Projects included Do,Wager; team leader Claro de los Reyes

Raul Ayala – mural commission featuring the women and girls – artist and organizers – of East 4th Street, installed on East 3rd Street wall of La MaMa.

Native Art Department International – in collaboration with FABnyc, a six month residency included an installation and the presentation of ‘Oh, so you’ve had an Indian friend?’ – an evening celebrating the life and work of Diane Burns.