We are working to create the world we want to live in.

There are a million ways to move the world towards justice and peace, love and acceptance.  At Downtown Art, we approach that task through bringing people together around creative projects and community collaborations.  We seek and support opportunities to work together in creative ways, ways which strengthen us as partners with common goals.

Our teen artists work in close ensembles.  Community members collaborate on local celebrations.  Artistic presentations are coupled with conversation, sharing food.  There’s an emphasis on learning, on undoing implicit bias, on stretching ourselves, on building our capacity for empathy, on supporting each other in taking action for a more just world.

We are a community center and a cultural center.  We are interested in artistic projects which go beyond self expression, which tackle more than our private lives, projects which move us forward in developing a shared public life based on equity, diversity, and civic engagement.